Universal Heritage


I seek not the way of the myths the hidden mysteries or the sacred beliefs of the peoples.

I wish to speak of an elemental and simple dimension: but I must say it in my own language of forms and colours.

What I have to say is about something visible, necessary and vital: 

Water, Earth, Air and Fire.

Primordial values, very seldom appreciated: four values which preserve the origin of all things and which, suddenly, can tell us their story. This is what they have told me:



Yours is the power to sing and pass along, choir and symphony in your sounds of waterfalls, echo of litanies in the Sea.

Clouds are your herald, you announce your passage with drops of rain, your colour is in the river, the pond, the spring and the lake, and you glitter like snow in the sunset.

The earth ever awaits your arrival.



You are wide, great and generous.

By walking we discover you.

All the colours deck and adorn you.

Your flavours become our daily bread.

We are born of your womb and return when we become your seed.





You are in the earth, in the water and in the fire. You live everywhere.

You are soft and transparent, stormy and violent.

Messenger of fragances amd storms, you graze with your wings the new and the old, the good and the bad, the beautiful and te ugly: you skip along the pathways, make sculpture of the clouds and roar in the ravines.

With your breath you revive the flame of sustenance.



That illuminates, purifies and burns, you are dance, feeling and song.

You live within us, in the power of love, you are in our grief, our tears and in the sun.

Grace Polit