The GRACE POLIT FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization with a beneficial character, constituted for an unlimited time, the main goal is to help the hearing impaired with their needs in the intellectual, physical, occupational, and communication fields.

The Legal bylaws of the GRACE POLIT FUNDATION is registered in the Ministry of Welfare under the Agreement No. 005108, of October 30, 1992 and published in the Official Record No. 131, dated February 17, 1993.

The Foundation was created by the artist Grace Polit, her sensibility and humanitarian spirit was touched and impressed by the silence and isolation that the people with auditive problems live with.

Conscious of the serious deficiency that exists in Ecuador in the area of post-scholastic education for people with hearing and language impairment, and with no governmental or private institution to attend to their exclusive needs in the artistic field, she considered it necessary and important to create the Foundation, the Artistic Education Academy and the Hand crafts workshop, offering different teaching, training, and investigative programs.

For this purpose, the artist has donated to the Foundation a valuable collection of art, an important part of the library, and also the institution's furniture.

Thanks to the contribution of its members and of the Art Academy that Grace Polit directs herself, the Foundation has being able to keep open the training and teaching programs of the Plastic Art directed to this sector.

It's desire is to provide opportunity for these people to communicate and express directly to the society, their emotions, their dreams and their spiritual and intellectual wealth through painting, drawing, sculpturing, etc., and to give them an alternative income thru artistic work or hand crafted products assuring them with a good standard of life, rescuing them from the isolation and silence in which their existence elapses; in this manner they will not be a burden to their families or the society, instead they will be integrated with dignity to the productive sector of the nation.

The Foundation assumes all the expenses for the maintenance, communications and other needs normal to the operation of the institution, it also provides to its discapacitated pupils the teaching and the work materials used during the classes gratuitously.

We count for the purpose of instruction with specialized teachers, and concerning the medical care collaborates with us a firts rate medical group. One of the goals of the Foundation is to widen the help to a greater number of persons, putting under way, according to our work plan, other disciplines related to the art and crafts, being our first aspiration the implementation of the sculpture workshop and one of wood heights.

It is for this reason that we need the private and institutional collaboration, for us to be able to widen our labor in benefit of this important friendless sector of the Ecuadorian population.

Cognizant of your altruistic and collaborative spirit for the cause of the needy and because of what we have previously exposed, we appeal to your high sensibility to request your valuable support in the form of a donation.

With your gift, in addition to helping us to help, you will become one of the HONORARY MEMBERS OF THE FOUNDATION and cause that the world will see more happy faces as those which appear in the booklet that we are very pleased to attach.

If it does not inconvenient you, your name will appear in our next publication as a patron of this monumental work.

Briefly, our request consists of asking that you will consider the possibility of the fact that the percentage permitted by the law will be donated to us, this money will come out of the income tax that compulsorily each company must pay, since according to the abovementioned article these gifts are deductible from the mentioned tax.

Finally we make to you a very heartfelt invitation to visit the Foundation, which is found located in the street Via Oriental 290, and have a close look where we are developing the initial part of the first Project of the GRACE POLIT FOUNDATION.

We request that you will let us know the date and hour when you will honor us with your presence.

Sure of counting on your understanding and invaluable help, receive our high feelings of consideration and esteem.


yours sincerely,


Grace Polit

Executive Director